Doc. RNDr. Jan Rauch, CSc.

phone: (+420) 224 095 463

Education and titles:

Activities in EuroMISE (2001–2004):

Selected publications:

Rauch, J.: Mining for Scientific Hypotheses. In Meij, J. (Editor): Dealing with the data flood. Mining Data, Text and Multimedia. STT/Beweton, The Hague. 2002. pp. 73–84.

Rauch, J.: Interesting Association Rules and Multi-relational Association Rules. Communications of Institute of Information and Computing Machinery, Taiwan. Vol. 5, No. 2, May 2002. pp. 77–82.

Lí, V. – Rauch, J. – Svátek, V.: Content-based Retrieval of Analytic Reports. Accepted for: International Workshop on Rule Markup Languages for Business Rules on the Semantic Web. Sardinia, pp. 219–224.

Rauch, J.: Mining for Statistical Association Rules. In The Fifth Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Industrial Track and Workshop Proceeding Red. Joseph Fong ang Michael Ng, Hong Kong 2001, pp. 149–158.

Rauch, J.: Association Rules and Mechanizing Hypothesis Formation. Working notes of ECML'2001 Workshop: Machine Learning as Experimental Philosophy of Science.

Rauch, J. – Šimůnek, M.: Mining for 4ft Association Rules by 4ft-Miner. in: INAP 2001, The Proceeding of the International Conference On Applications of Prolog. Prolog Association of Japan, Tokyo October 2001, pp. 285–294.

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Editor Proceedings of PKDD'99 – 3rd European Conference on Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery: Lectures Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1704, Springer – Verlag 1999, 593 pp. (spolu s Prof. J. Zytkowem).

Rauch, J.: Four-Fold Table Calculi for Discovery Science. In: Discovery Science. Eds. Arikawa, Setsuo – Motoda Hirishi. Berlin, Springer-Verlag 1998, pp. 405–406.

Rauch, J.: Four-Fold Table Calculi and Missing Information. In: JCIS'98 Proceedings Vol II. Ed. Wang Paul. Association for Intelligent Machinery 1998 pp. 375–378.

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Rauch, J. – Berka, P.: Mining in Financial Data – a Case Study, Neural Network World 4,5/97, pp. 427–437.

Rauch, J.: Logical Calculi for Knowledge Discovery in Databases. In Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Red. Komorowski, J. – Zytkow, J. Berlin, Springer Verlag 1997, pp. 47–57.

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