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Jiroušek, R., Vejnarová J., Gemeľa, J.: Possibilistic belief network constructed by operators of composition and its application to financial analysis. In: Srivastava, Rajendra, P., Mock, Theodore, J. (eds.): Belief Functions in Business and Finance, Physica-Verlag, Studies in Fuzzines and Soft Computing, Springer-Verlag, 2002, 252–280.

Jiroušek, R.: Decomposition of Multidimensional Distributions represented by perfect sequences. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 35(2002), s. 215–226.

Jiroušek, R., Studený, M., Vejnarová J.: Open problems inspired by Albert Perez. In: Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Wilhelm Rödder (ed.) Proceedings of the Workshop on Conditionals, Information, and Inference, Fern Universität Hagen, Germany, 2002, pp 117–128.

Jiroušek, R.: Detection of independence relations from persegrams. In: Jiroušek, R., Vejnarová, J. (ed.). Proceedings of the 4th Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making under Uncertainty. Jindřichův Hradec, VŠE, 2001, pp 52–62.

Jiroušek, R., Vejnarová, J.: Perfect sequences for belief network representation., Neural Network World, 11(2001) 611–626.

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Jiroušek, R.: An anticipating operator and its role for computation of marginal distributions. In: Ishii, H., Inuiguchi, M. (ed.). Proceedings of the 3rd Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making under Uncertainty. Osaka: Osaka University, 2001, pp 69–75.

Jiroušek, R.: Construction of Multidimensional Models. Part 1: Probabilistic Approach. Čeladná 05.09.1999–08.09.1999. In: Ramík, Jaroslav, Novák, Vilém (ed.) Methods for Decision Support in Environment with Uncertainty – Applications in Economics, Business and Engineering. Ostrava: Ostravská universita, 2000, pp 111–118.

Jiroušek, R.: Recent results regarding composition of distributions. In: Scozzafava, R., Vantagi, B. (ed.) Partial Knowledge and Uncertainty: Independence, Conditioning, Inference. Rome: Universite "La Sapienze", 2000.

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Vejnarová, J., Jiroušek, R.: Construction of multidimensional models by operators of composition. In: Wang, Paul P. (ed.) JCIS '98, Association for Intelligent Machinery, Vol. I. Durham: Duke University, 1998, pp 131–134.

Jiroušek, R.: Graph modelling without graphs. Proceedings. In: Bouchon-Meunier, B., Yager, R.R. (eds.) IPMU'98, Paris 1998, pp 809–816.

Jiroušek, R.: Graph modelling of probability distributions. IV Congresso Nazionale della Societa Italiana di Matematica applicata e Industriale. SIMAI´98, Giardini Naxos 1998, pp 154–158.

Jiroušek, R.: Bayesian networks – modern technology of artificial intelligence (in Czech). Lékař a technika, 1998, roè. 29, è. 4, 79–88.

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Jiroušek, R.: Composition of Probability Measures on Finite Spaces. In: Geiger, D., Shenoy, P.P. (eds.) Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. San Francisco, Morgan Kaufman Publ., 1997, pp 274–281.

Jiroušek, R.: Graphical Models and Composition of Probability Measures. IMS-SIAM Summer Conference Graphical Markov Models, Influence Diagrams and Bayesian Belief Networks. Seattle, University of Washington, 1997.

Jiroušek, R., Kleiter, G. D.: A note on learning Bayesian networks. In: Kodratoff, Y., Nakhaeizadeh, G., Taylor, C., (eds.) ECML'95, Workshop Notes: Statistics, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discivery in Databases, Heraklion, Greece, 1995, pp 148–153.

Jiroušek, R.: A sequential probabilistic model with non-monotonic behaviour. In: Žizka, J., Brazdil, P., (eds.) AIT'95, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, VUT Brno, 1995, pp 39–52.

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Jiroušek, R.: Approximation of probability distributions by three types of graph models. In: Bouchon-Meunier, B., Valverde, L., Yager, R. R., (eds.) Intelligent Systems with Uncertainty Elsevier 1993, pp 39–48.

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Jiroušek, R.: Solution of the Marginal Problem and Decomposable Distributions. Kybernetika 27(1991), 5, 403–412.

Jiroušek R.: A Survey of Methods Used in Probabilistic Expert Systems for Knowledge Integration. Knowledge-Based Systems, 3(1990), 1, 7–12.

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