Doc. RNDr. Jiří Ivánek, CSc.

phone: (+420) 224 095 462

Education and titles:

Activities in EuroMISE (2002–2004):

Selected publications:

Ivánek, J.: On the Correspondence between Classes of Implicational and Equivalence Quantifiers. In: Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. In: Proc. PKDD 99. Zytkow, J. – Rauch, J.(eds.). LNCS 1704. Springer 1999. p. 116–124.

Ivánek, J.: Combining Implicational Quantifiers for Equivalence Ones by Fuzzy Operators (Preliminary Working Paper). In: Vejnarová J. (ed.). 5th Workshop on Uncertainity Processing. Jindřichův Hradec, VŠE 2000, s. 102–109.

Ivánek, J.: Some Relations between Implicational Quantifiers and Fuzzy Implications (working paper). In: Ishii, H. – Inuiguchi, M. (eds.). Proceedings of the 3rd Czech-Japan Seminar on Data Analysis and Decision Making under Uncertainty. Osaka University 2001, p. 142–147.

Ivánek, J.: Construction of Implicational Quantifiers from Fuzzy Implications. In: Vejnarová J. (ed.). 6th Workshop on Uncertainity Processing. Hejnice, VŠE 2003, p. 125–132.

Ivánek, J.: Using Fuzzy Logic Operators for Construction of Data Mining Quantifiers. In: Snášel V. (ed.). Znalosti 2004. Brno, VŠB-TÚ Ostrava 2004, p. 138–145.


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