Doc. Ing. Petr Berka, CSc.

phone: (+420) 271 914 703 line 323

Education and titles:

Activities in EuroMISE (2001–2004):

Selected publications:

Berka, P. – Ferjencik, J. – Ivánek, J.: Expert system shell SAK based on complete many-valued logic and its application in territorial planning. In: (Novak, Ramik, Mares, Cerny, Nekola eds.) Fuzzy Approach to Reasoning and Decision Making. Academia, Prague and Kluwer, Dodrecht 1992, p. 67–74.

Berka, P.: Automated Knowledge Acquisition from Economic Data. Neural Network World, Special Issue on PASE'93, Vol 3, No 6, p. 657–664.

Berka, P. – Ivánek, J.: Automated Knowledge Acquisition for PROSPECTOR-like Expert Systems. In: (Bergadano, deRaedt eds.) Proc. ECML'94, Springer 1994, p. 339–342.

Berka, P. – Bruha, I.: Various Discretization Procedures of Numerical Attributes: Empirical Comparisons. In: (Kodratoff Nakhaeizadeh, Taylor eds.) Proc. MLNet Familiarization Workshop on Statistics, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Dat abases, Herakleion, 1995, p. 136–141.

Berka, P. – Jirků, P.: Expert Systems for Environmental Data Management. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 34, 1995, p. 185–195.

Bruha, I. – Berka, P.: Numerical Attributes in Symbolic Learning Algorithms: Discretization and Fuzzyfication. In: Proc. 2nd Int. Conf. on Neural Networks and Expert Systems in Medicine and Healthcare, Plymouth, 1996.

Pelikán, E. – Novák, M. – Berka, P.: Forecasting and Data Mining Methods. In: 17th International Symposium on Forecasting ISF'97, Barbados, 1997.

Berka, P.: Recognizing Reliability of Discovered Knowledge. In: (Komorowski, Zytkow eds.) Proc. Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery PKDD'97, Springer, 1997, 307–314.

Berka, P. – Bruha, I.: Discretization and Grouping: Preprocessing Steps for Data Mining. In: (Zytkow, Quafafou eds.) Proc. Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery PKDD'98, LNAI 1510, Springer, 1998, 239–245. (

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