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There are 5attributes concerning death of 389patients. These attributes are lucidly given in the Table1. Frequencies of partical value of the attribute PRICUMR are in the Table2.

Table 1: Attributes relating to the patient's death
Identifier column in the data matrix DeathMeaning
ICOpatient's identification number
DENUMRday of death (format DD)
MESUMRmonth of death (format MM)
ROKUMRyear of death (format RR)
PRICUMRcause of death
Table 2: Frequency of the PRICUMR attribute values
PRICUMR cause of death Number of patients
05myocardial infarction80
06coronary heart disease33
08other causes79
09sudden death23
10cause of the death unknouwn8
16tumorous disease114
17general atheroscelrosis22

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Projects > Discovery Challenge 2004 > Data set > Death

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