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Data Transformations

Transformations of matrix Control

This page deals with preprocessing data from the Control matrix. This matrix contains information on patients control examination at the doctor at different years in time series. These time series will be transformed by the TimeTransf module into so called chacteristics. You can find the list of examined attributes divided into sections.

We have made several type of transformations for example joining data matrices Entry and Control, joining attributes year and month into one, finding changes and computing statistics and other characteristics for each attribute using TimeTransf module. You can look at the description of used transformation steps.

The goal of transformations made by TimeTransf module is to calculate values (so called characteristics) for all time series on matrix Control. A characteristics is for example an average weight of a patient. You can check a complete list of preprocessed characteristics. The final preprocessed characteristics are ready for download and use. It is possible to create your own characteristics by using TimeTransf module. As an examaple of the characteristics defined in TimeTransf you can download the metabase where the TimeTransf tasks are already prepared.

You can also learn how to use the procedure TimeTransf to compute further characteristics of these time series.

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Date: February 21, 2018