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There are 5 attributes concerning death of 389 patients. These attributes are lucidly given in the Table 1. Frequencies of partical value of the attribute PRICUMR are in the Table 2.

Table 1 – Attributes relating to the patient's death
Identifier – column in the data matrix DeathMeaning
ICOpatient's identification number
DENUMRday of death (format DD)
MESUMRmonth of death (format MM)
ROKUMRyear of death (format RR)
PRICUMRcause of death


Table 2 – Frequency of the PRICUMR attribute values
PRICUMR – cause of deathNumber of
05myocardial infarction80
06coronary heart disease33
08other causes79
09sudden death23
10cause of the death unknouwn8
16tumorous disease114
17general atheroscelrosis22

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Projects > Discovery Challenge 2003 > Data set > Death


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