EuroMISE centrum – Cardio, co-holder organisation University of Economics, Prague

Entry examination – a survey of attributes

1 419 men have been examined during the entry examination. Risk factors and clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis have been monitored for a long period of time. Values of 244 attributes have been surveyed with each patient. There are also described 219 attributes, which values are codes or results of size measurements of different variables. All values of all these 219 attributes are stored in the data matrix Entry. Attributes can be divided into groups according to the Table 1.

Table 1 – Group of attributes
Group of attributesNumber of attributes
identification data2
social characteristics5
physical activity4
drinking of alcohol10
sugar, coffee, tea3
family anamnesis160
personal anamnesis18
questionnaire A23
physical examination8
biochemical examination3

Date: February 21, 2018