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Submission instructions

Paper submission deadline past; position statements can be submitted by 22 March 2004

We strongly prefer submissions of papers in PDF files to be sent electronically to

We encourage to send PDF files. A free service to convert a number of widely used file formats to PDF is available at (the first three uses of this service are for free).

Submissions in hardcopy may also be made if electronic submission is problematic for the authors. In that case, the paper should be sent by postal mail or courier service to

     Silvia Miksch
     Vienna University of Technology
     Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (IFS)
     Favoritenstrasse 9-11 / 188
     A-1040 Vienna, Austria, Europe

The deadline for receipt of papers was Monday 27 October, 2003 (23:59 CET) for both electronic and hard copy submissions. Position statements can be submitted by 22 March 2004.

Authors of submitted papers (only research + short papers, not position statements) are further expected to prepare 1 page abstracts (summarizing the content of each paper); abstracts of accepted papers will additionally be published in the IJM EuroMISE 2004 proceedings distributed to all participants of IJM. Please, prepare the abstracts using the (CGP-specific!) style at, and upload them before December 17th, 2003, using the submission form available upon preliminary registration at the IJM site (

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